Thursday, January 19, 2012

We all good at politicis

students is one of the main gifts that a country have. it is the source that you can say that people are delovoping or going down to the bottom.
 seems like every student is politician nowadays. i have seen our entire students talking about politics. i am not saying participation in politics is wrong for students, but what i am saying is that students need to focus their main purpose which is to study. if you really interested about politics, you need to start learning process.

No politics while studding :D

 Here are the things people most say about our presidents. i saw friends of mine posting, on facebook, twitter or other social sites, a picture of our president saying some disgusting words about him. last time i check our religion told us to follow them. Being a President is just like "Ulul Amri". which is the highest position of leadership in Islam. you should follow, respect and support. on the hand we vote the President with the highest number, give a break and next time be aware about your vote. other then that we students, no need to focus politics more then your target.

  • in my point of view i strongly agree not to talk about politcs if we are students. 
  • we need to focus civic engagement ; which simply to participate social volunteer activities. working with the community to solve problems and personal responsibility should feel to uphold their obligations as part of any community.
  • focusing what matters; we have more crisis rather then politics. 70% of our people dont read and write, lack of jobs, lack of water supply, electrical power is almost nothing and more . lets just focus what really matters.
  • we need to make Du'a for our leaders; during jumca prayer is the best time and Eid prayers since most of the community is attended.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

activities 2011/2012 Sem1

Waxaan maanta doonaya inaan isku soo duu duubo waxyabihii semisterkan dhacay dhinaca activities ka, ha ahaato academic ama non academic ga. Waxa uu semisterkii 2011/2012 sem1 uu ku bilaabmay qabyo qabyo, werwer (laga qabo lacag kordhinta jamacada) iyo waxbarashada oo aad looga raagay. Activity gii ka mid aha oo aad u xiiso badnaa oo ahaa Somaliland Futsal League. Nasiib xumo ma ciyaarin lakiin daawadee ayaan ahaa groupkaygiina aanu darajo fiican galin, balse ay dadaalkooda muujiyeen.

waxa kale ka midka aha xalfadii Qalinjabintii loo qabtay ardaydii qalin jabisay.waxa ka midka ahayd xalfada xusida mudan ee dhacay semisterkan imika na dhaafay 2011/2012 sem1. waxa halkaa ay ka idhaahdeen saddexdii arday ee marka xaadirka ahaa midna aanu san xaadir ahayn ay ka idhaahdeen odhaahyo dhaxal gal ah.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

its good to be back here again

since 2009 i haven't come over here its really quite interesting to back. i wish i could share and give my opinions of ma daily life.

Somaliland flag